101 Primary school Josip Pupacic Croatia

102 KLIMATIAS Kindergarten Greece

103 OŠ DUBOVAC Croatia

104 Primary school "Nikola Karev" North Republic of Macedonia

106 Constantin Brancusi Technical College Romania

107 Dalbeattie High School GB

108 Liceul Tehnogic Dimitrie Leonida Petrosani ROMANIA

88 Osnovna škola Banija Croatia

Elementary school Banija, Karlovac, Croatia, this year participated in project „Trees of Europe 2019“.

Students that participated in the GLOBE program planted the beech with the help of other students

and our janitor. We also made her ID. Her latin name is Fagus Sylvatica Atropurpurea. She's a symbol

of tolerance, patience, easiness of mind and word. As the beech can grow up to 7 meters, it is a

symbolic link between heaven and earth. After planting, janitor told us story about growing the tree

– from seed to young plant.

89 Nipiagogio Vergas Greece

trees for Europe.pptx
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90 "Krystalleio" Public Elementary School of Penteli Greece